The Georgia Melodians recorded this song based on the world-wide dance craze, “The Charleston.”  The Edison Diamond Disc used back then was designed for the latest technology, their newly manufactured 78 rpm player. The Melodians from Savannah, Georgia (mostly known for their studio work) really got the “instrument blending” correct in this fun recording. You can hear the musicians playing off each other.

I found this performance at PublicDomain4u.com before it was mastered for streaming.  It was recorded in 1924. You can hear the fun and joy in the musical performances.

Author: Matthew King Kaufman

Husband, Father, I founded and was the chief record producer of Beserkley Records. We had international hits and established the careers of Jonathan Richman, Greg Kihn, The Rubinoos, and Earth Quake. "In the 80's I witnessed the new digital technologies that would change music forever, and then I hoped to enable music lovers worldwide to enjoy more music with these new technologies. I founded Fun Fun Fun Recordings to make more “out of the box” recordings I’ve come to enjoy.