Another classic, mastered for streaming, originally found at PublicDomain4u.com. This song was recorded at Edison Records by the Charleston 7. The blending of the musicians in front of one mic to record this to 78 disc is quite a feat, sounding this good is a testament to amazing musicianship.

The inflections of the horn players and banjo strumming are classic and are a large part of the musical joy.  As this piece progresses you can hear the collaboration and the musicians feeding off each other. This recording was done in one take, preserved on a disc. It reflects the height of technology of the day.

Author: Matthew King Kaufman

Husband, Father, I founded and was the chief record producer of Beserkley Records. We had international hits and established the careers of Jonathan Richman, Greg Kihn, The Rubinoos, and Earth Quake. "In the 80's I witnessed the new digital technologies that would change music forever, and then I hoped to enable music lovers worldwide to enjoy more music with these new technologies. I founded Fun Fun Fun Recordings to make more “out of the box” recordings I’ve come to enjoy.