Music only humans can create.

Listen for FREE to the music posted here.  Examples of Music only humans can create. This site is devoted to posting examples of music created by HUMANS.

Musical intelligence is the capacity to discern pitch, rhythm, timbre, and tone.  This intelligence enables us to recognize, create, reproduce, and reflect on music,  

I’m trying to preserve examples of  “human’s unique” involvement in music. I’ve watched the technology of the recording process change the aesthetic of music appreciation.  So I’ve decided to “Master for Streaming” some examples of human music interaction.  I selected early jazz  and blues recordings. These recordings were recorded with ONE microphone, NO samples, NO overdubs, ONE take.

Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am

There is a joy of collaboration that several musicians create by playing together.  

Many of the timeless songs are perfect examples of unique contributions made by man.