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Some of the music I found @ was originally recorded to cylinder or 78 RPM disc. Someone lovingly ripped these recordings to mp3s. Along with Michael Rosen, we worked with the digital files and tried to reduce the original surface noise, and we highlighted the music with some equalization and compression. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of these treatments. Many of recordings were difficult to listen to w/o this step.


I’m trying to preserve examples of the “human” interaction in music.

There is a joy of collaboration that several musicians create by playing together.

Music can be created by any number of musicians, or even one person compiling the music created by others.

This site is devoted to posting examples of music created by the human musicians.

  • I appreciate the many technologies that have improved in the recording of music.
  • These technologies are allowing for MORE music intelligence.
  • I want to ADD some music intelligence from the past.
  • These musicians of the past had to use their music instruments/intelligences in different ways.
  • There was one microphone, mono recording, one take, NO REDOs.